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Life after Chernobyl: the Pripyatsky National Park

Polesie can be called one of the most amazing places in Belarus.

Swamps, architectural monuments of the 18–19th centuries, picturesque nature — everything is impressive. The Pripyatsky National Park is located here. Some places resemble the Amazon River from a height. Together with VETLIVA, we will tell you why it is famous and worth coming to.

Location of the Pripyatsky National Park

The Pripyat is the main artery of the park, which stretches 45 km along the coast and occupies the territory of the Gomel region, Petrikovsky, Zhitkovichi, and Lelchitsky districts particularly. It covers about 217,453 acres.

The Park is located in the interfluve of the Pripyat, the Stviga, and the Ubort. The distance from Minsk is 260 km.

Features of the Pripyatsky National Park

There are meadows, forests, and swamps in the Pripyatsky National Park. The river floods in spring and everything seems to turn into the sea. It looks impressive, especially from a bird’s eye view.

Distinctive features:

  • forests and river floodplains occupy over 90% of the territory,
  • the territory contains more than 50% of pine forests,
  • sand dunes are located in the southern part.

The Pripyatsky National Park occupies a special place among all the natural attractions of Belarus.

Untouched nature of the Pripyatsky National Park

The National Park is a wonderful place for bird watchers. More than 250 species are represented here, which is over 70% of the avifauna of Belarus. About 6 dozen of them are included in the Red Book of Belarus. It is a list of endangered species. Just imagine: here you can see rare black storks, gray cranes, marsh owls.

More than 900 plant species grow on the territory of the reserve, including endangered ones. Bison and deer also live here. We advise that you learn about the rich flora and fauna in the Museum of Nature, which consists of several exhibition halls. You can get acquainted with the history of the park, see atmospheric locations and biological diversity. Boat trips, photo safaris, and visits to eco-trails are organized for tourists.

The Polesie Nature Reserve is not far from here. This place was at the mercy of nature after the accident in Chernobyl. And now you can see how the world is reviving and animals and birds are gradually returning.

Environmental studies are carried out on the territory of the reserve.

Book tours with VETLIVA to see all the protected corners of the Pripyatsky National Park. You will get acquainted with wildlife, ecological routes, see atmospheric places and get a lot of impressions in a few days. One-day excursions are interesting too.

Belarusian Amazonia is an amazing land. That’s why everyone can fall in love with the National Park.

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